Mother of Exiles

I lift my lamp toward the golden door

From shinning sea to rushing shores

with tear filled eyes I wish upon you grace

That you should find liberty as an ascended race

Let your work leave your legacies let you name be remembered in love

Let all the things you've done with integrity be recorded above

And while we're together I'll nurture you with nature I'll give you the world whole

But only as much as you can handle for too much of a good thing gets old

As too much of a bad thing unfurlsĀ 

like a cancer to our emotions embedding into our DNA curls

Yet, we last all night perpetually moving finding our way

Our ancestors couldn't; we are free to think, to speak, to create

I pray you don't become insensitive to struggle as you forever look towards the sun

And you find comfort and peace knowing you're protected by mama's gun

I wish you love my children of no foreign land

And everything will progress with grace having been touched by your hands

Go into this living knowing your are revered and respected

For I am always with my children. Exiled but never neglected.

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