The coolest soul songstress from Chattanooga, TN

Urmagesty Kimmie

Having been performing since preschool age, this soul lyrist poetically integrates inspiration from blues, jazz, rap, and R&B to deliver a unique and fresh sound with a smooth, earthy, instrumental like voice. Inspired by industry trailblazers such as Billie Holiday, Missy Elliott, and Nina Simone, Urmagesty Kimmie often writes about the emotions we don't always want to share. Her song lyrics are raw and in your face while her poetry and visual art express more of the parts we need share with others. Urmagesty Kimmie has been professionally songwriting and singing for over 10 years and has performed hundreds of shows in Chattanooga, Houston, Atlanta, and has worked with a diverse group of artists along the way. With a passion to write, the 30 plus year old is motivated by expressing her world through music, poetry, and art. As a result, her artistry is timeless, each piece organically finds a place in your memory. ascending all of you senses. 


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Urmagesty Kimmie is currently booking for songwriting, singing, painting visual art, and poetry.


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